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The second in a series, this new anthology collects outstanding articles from the last decade of FREE INQUIRY, America’s definitive secular humanist magazine. Another selection of thirteen wide-ranging essays captures the full breadth and scope of the scholarly examination of religion, an enterprise that draws on all the sciences … from history, archaeology, and philology to political science, physics, and mathematics.

Richard Dawkins | Ibn Warraq | Victor Stenger | Philip Appleman | Michael Martin | Robert M. Price | Laura Purdy and others offer the best of secular humanism’s examination and critique of religion.

Michael Martin sifts recent writing in philosophy and reveals three new arguments against belief in God.

Robert M. Price explores the fantastic gospels that describe Jesus’s infancy. How would Christianity have differed if one or more of them had been accepted into the New Testament?

Richard Dawkins weighs whether Christians or scientists have the most plausible account of the world we live in.

Laura Purdy thinks the idea of “religious literacy” can be dangerous indeed.

David Trobisch reveals who published the New Testament. Someone did, and it was one of the ancient world’s great feats of entrepreneurship.

Philip Appleman draws from the full range of human knowledge to wave a dazzling prose-poem about God, Darwin, and the meaning of life.

Discover what all the sciences have to say about the origins of religion. Discover what most clergy have learned in their seminaries for more than a century but scarcely ever talk about from the pulpit. It’s all in The Scientific Examination Of Religion.

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