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Edited by Tom Flynn, Andrea Szalanski, and Julia Lavarnway

During much of 2014, FREE INQUIRY presented an unprecedented series of first-person deconversion stories written by atheists, agnostics, humanists, and other freethinkers from many walks of life. The series created excited discussion across the nonbelieving community.

Now the complete series is available in a single volume. It includes all of the essays that appeared during 2014, plus fourteen more pieces never before published -- forty-two compelling first-person essays in all.

During FREE INQUIRY’s earliest years, essays titled “Why I Am Not A …,” describing their authors’ journeys from the various faiths of their childhoods to secular humanism, were a staple feature of the magazine. The Faith I Left Behind shows that in the twenty-first century the genre remains alive and well … and capable of calling forth impassioned, evocative, and deeply satisfying writing.

Now available from Inquiry Press. 228 pages.

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