Free Inquiry Volume 21 Issue 4 cover

Fall, 2001

Volume 21, No. 4


Humanism Goes to School
Austin Dacey

Two Weeks as a Christian
Jende Huang

Fighting for Our Sanity in Tennessee
Niall Shanks

Spirituality on America's Liberal Campuses
Micah White

Humanism: African American Liberation '(A)theology'
Douglas Ficek

On 'Hanging Ten': The Ten Commandments and the Schools
Kaitlin Kubilius

Education and Positive Atheism in India
Vikas Gora

Campus Politics and Academic Freedom
Rosemary J. Schofield

Three Arguments for Nonbelief
Michael Martin

Touring Orlando's 'Holy Land'
Beth Birnbaum


America the Beautiful, Open to All
Paul Kurtz


Sadly, an Honest Creationist
Richard Dawkins

Marriage, Religion, and the Law
Wendy Kaminer

Catholicism and the KGB
Christopher Hitchens

First Things First?
Peter Singer

When Research Arouses Passions
Vern L. Bullough

A Pro-Life Atheist Civil Libertarian
Nat Hentoff

Self Before Others
Tibor R. Machan

Faith-Based Murders?
Sarah J. McCarthy

Would the Apostles Die for a Lie?
Robert M. Price

Brian T. Watson

Humanism: One Activist's View
Robert F. Morse

The Fall of Man?
Ray Nelson

Can Agnosticism Improve American Public Life?
Richard Kezirian

When Explaining Is Explaining Away
Tom Flynn




Church-State Update
Faith-Based Proponents Forge Ahead
Tom Flynn

Science and Religion
Why Should People Choose Science Over Religion?
Wayne Anderson

God on Trial
The Bible Prophecy Argument
Shawn Dawson

Humanism at Large
School Prayer
Steve Aldrich


Jesus After 2000 Years
by Gerd Ldemann

Reviewed by Terry Miosi

The Government vs. Erotica
by Philip D. Harvey

Reviewed by Vern L. Bullough

The Contested Legacy of Ayn Rand
by David Kelley

Reviewed by Timothy J. Madigan

Invisible Walls
by Peter Seidel

Reviewed by Norm Allen, Jr.

Joseph Smith and the Origins of the Book of Mormon
by David Persuitte

Reviewed by Tom Flynn

Free Inquiry Volume 21 Issue 3 cover

Summer, 2001

Volume 21, No. 3


Of Malice and Mercy
Tom Flynn

Getting Tough on Crime
Richard Taylor

A Mother's View of the Death Penalty
Shirley Dicks

Reforming the Incarceration Nation
Norm R. Allen, Jr.

Capital Punishment and Retributive Justice
Burton M. Leiser

The Two Faces of Justice
Ernest Partridge

Public Relaitions for a 'Public Enemy'
Steven F. Goldberg

The Powerless Minority
Lance Jencks

No, Science Cannot Prove That God Exists
Bobby Treat

Response to Bobby Treat
Theodore Schick


Two Competing Moralities
Paul Kurtz


Ignorance Is No Crime
Richard Dawkins

Religion, Public Schools, and Gray Areas
Wendy Kaminer

The Year of the Clone?
Peter Singer

Making Progress Backwards
Justin Raimondo

Conflicting Rights
Nat Hentoff

Radical Free Market Environmentalism
Tibor R. Machan

Chapman Cohen, the Lost Freethinker
Christopher Hitchens

Bush, Jesus, and the Executioner
Mark Crispin Miller

The Templeton Prize
Mark Friesel

Thank God
Richard Roeper

School Prayer, a Short Story
Scott Bates




Church-State Update
Try, Try Again
Tom Flynn

Great Minds
Historian Joseph McCabe
Bill Cooke

Applied Ethics
The Difference Between Right and Wrong
A.W. Eaton

Science and Religion
A World Without Rainbows
Wayne Anderson

Media Scan
Growing Humanism: A Novel Approach
Ray Gates

God on Trial
Has Religion Been Disproven?
William Harwood

Humanism at Large
Shakespeare, the Humanist
Gary Sloan


Mind Siege: The Battle for Truth in the New Millennium
by Tim LaHaye and David A. Noebel

Reviewed by Paul Kurtz, Barry F. Seidman

The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold
by Acharaya S

Reviewed by Robert M. Price

Free Inquiry Volume 21 Issue 2 cover

Spring, 2001

Volume 21, No. 2


Tom Flynn

Philosophical Employment: History and Prospects
Austin Dacey

Philosophy in Crisis
Mario Bunge

Exorcising the Homunculus
David C. Noelle

Plato's Method Meets Cognitive Science
Stephen P. Stich

Metaphors, Minds, and the Fate of Western Philosophy:
Interview with George Lakoff and Mark Johnson

Humanity in Time and Space
Victor J. Stenger

The Sources and Dangers of Postmodern Anti-Science
Norman Levitt


God in the Public Square: The Hallelujah Choir
Paul Kurtz


Value in the Wrong Place
Christopher Hitchens

NATO's Poisoned Arrow
Justin Raimondo

Standing By, Again
Peter Singer

A Problem that Dares Not Speak Its Name
Christina Hoff Sommers

Special Pleading Galore
Tibor R. Machan

The Evolution of Thought
James Underdown

An Open Letter to George Bush
Edward Tabash

Silverman's Wager
Herb Silverman

R.I.P., Naked Public Square
Tom Flynn




Church-State Update
Calm (?) Before the Storm
Tom Flynn

Great Minds
Errors of the Elohist
Robert M. Price

Media Scan
Newspapers and Atheism
Gary Sloan

God on Trial
The Irrelevant 'God Debate'
Jeremy Patrick

Science and Religion
God and Darwin Square Off
Clay Farris

Humanism at Large


The Left Behind Tribulation Novels
by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

Reviewed by Edmund D. Cohen

The Myth of a Matriarchal Prehistory
by Cynthia Eller

Reviewed by Joan Kennedy Taylor

The Quest for the Historical Muhammad
by Ibn Warraq

Reviewed by Robert Price

Totally MAD
The Learning Company

Reviewed by Brian Siano

Why I Am Not a Secularist
by William E. Connolly

Reviewed by Tom Flynn

Who's Who in Hell
by Warren Allen Smith

Reviewed by James Underdown

Free Inquiry Volume 21 Issue 1 cover

Winter, 2001

Volume 21, Number 1


Recalling Steve Allen
Paul Kurtz


The Human Genome and the Genetic Supermarket
Peter Singer

Return of the Salvation Army
Christopher Hitchens

In Defense of Fantasy
Wendy Kaminer

The Right to Be Civilized
Christina Hoff Sommers

The ACLU Abandons the First Amendment
Nat Hentoff

The Senate Chaplain and God as Ex-Officio Member
Robert S. Alley

How Religion Supports Societal Violence
Betty Woodman

By the Numbers
Tom Flynn


Introduction: Fishing for Control
Tom Flynn

The Catholic Doctrine and Reproductive Health
Stephen D. Mumford

Can Secular Patients Survive Catholic Hospitals?
Tom Flynn

Practicing Medicine Without a License
Sandy Oestreich

Priests Are Human and Sexual Too
Vern L. Bullough

Faith in the Truth
Daniel C. Dennett

Don't Listen to Dr. Laura
Sharon Presley

Religion as Fandom
Robert M. Price

Against the Grain
Anthony B. Pinn

Will Evolutionary Psychology Grow Up?
Harmon R. Holcomb, III

Live from the Gates of Hell
Jerry Reiter




Applied Ethics
Viktor Frankl, the Champion of Humaness
Jeannette Lowen

Church-State Update
The Reincarnation of RFRA
Tom Flynn

Science and Religion
Can Science Prove that God Does Not Exist?
Theodore Schick, Jr.

Humanism at Large
A Coming Out Day for Nonbelievers
Lawrence I. Bonchek, M.D.


Jew vs. Jew: The Struggle for the Soul of American Jewry
by Samuel G. Freedman

Reviewed by Paul Kurtz

Embracing the Power of Humanism
by Paul Kurtz

Reviewed by Edward Tabash

The Agnostic
by David Chesky

Reviewed by Tom Flynn