Free Inquiry Volume 19 Issue 4 cover

Fall, 1999

Volume 19, Number 4


Introduction: Bioethics and the Human Condition
Timothy J. Madigan

Older Women, Pregnancy, and Postmodernism
Colleen Clements

The Future of Engineering Humans:
An Interview with Bioethicist Arthur Caplan

The Risks of Animal-Human Transplants
Laura Purdy

Forward to Methusaleh
Timothy J. Madigan

Reason, Sex, and Science
Wendy Kaminer Deconstructs Pop Culture and Piety

Meanwhile on the Planet Vatican
Humanist Science Fiction from Tom Flynn

Can You Go to Heaven?
Theodore Schick, Jr.


HUMANIST MANIFESTO 2000: A Call For A New Planetary Humanism


Protect My Children From the Ten Commandments
Lewis Vaughn

The Making of a Hero
Vern L. Bullough

My Exodus to Secular Humanism
Adolf Grünbaum

AIDS in the Developing World: Where Is Your Anger?
Richard Stern

Preventing School Violence: Is Religion the Answer?
Gary L. Bennett





Great Minds
The Woman's Bible
Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Church-State Update
It's a Miracle: No National Day of Prayer
Tom Flynn

Humanism at Large


Jihad in the West: Muslim Conquest from the Seventh to the Twenty-First Centuries
by Paul Fregosi

Reviewed by Paul Kurtz

Amy's View (1997), Plenty (1996)
Plays by David Hare

Reviewed by Jim Herrick

What Remains to be Discovered? Mapping the Secrets of the Universe, the Origins of Life, and the Future of the Human Race
by John Maddox

Reviewed by Tom Flynn

Atheism & Theism
by J.J.C. Smart and J.J. Haldane

Reviewed by Norm R. Allen, Jr.

Leaving the Cave: Evolutionary Naturalism in the Social-Scientific Thought
by Pat Duffy Hutcheon

Reviewed by John Novak

Rocks of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life
by Stephen Jay Gould

Reviewed by Tom Flynn

Free Inquiry Volume 19 Issue 3 cover

Summer, 1999

Volume 19, Number 3


Introduction: The Roots of Religion and Its Destiny
Tom Flynn

Why Do People Believe or Disbelieve?
Paul Kurtz

The Past of an Illusion
Lionel Tiger

The Biological Roots of Religion
Morton Hunt

Social-Psychological Causes of Faith
Bruce Hunsberger

What Americans Really Believe
Reviewed by George Bishop

God, Life, and Avocado-Colored Kitchen Appliances
Interview with George Carlin

The Night I Saw Jesus
Richard Taylor

Father's Day
Phillip Zeppetello


Confronting the "Corporate Mystique"
Paul Kurtz


Taking Disbelief Out of the Closet
Alan M. Dershowitz

Clinton, Starr, and Media Dreck
Richard Kostelanetz

A Serb's View of NATO's Bombs
Svetozar Stojanovic

Faith vs. African Americans
Saab Lofton

The Future of Feminism
Betty Friedan

Why Gore Is the Only Hope for Church-State Separation
Edward Tabash





Great Minds
Langston Hughes

Church-State Update
Christian Coalition Sins Against IRS
Tom Flynn

God on Trial
Revisiting Arguments to Design
Antony Flew

Humanism at Large


Looking for Jesus
Reviewed by Robert M. Price

Holy Pornography
Reviewed by Amanda Chesworth

Noah's Little God
Reviewed by James Underwood

New Age Odyssey
Reviewed by Tom Flynn

Defining Terms
Reviewed by Thomas O'Brien

Free Inquiry Volume 19 Issue 2 cover

Spring, 1999

Volume 19, Number 2


Introduction: World on the Brink
Roy W. Brown

The Numbers Don't Lie
Lester R. Brown

When We "Hit The Wall"
Roy W. Brown

The Misery Behind the Statistics
Diana Brown

Avoiding Future Shock
Carl Wahren

Playing with People's Lives
Craig Lasher

The Case Against the Vatican
Frances Kissling

God, Science, and Delusion:
A Chat with Arthur C. Clarke

Science and Sensibility, Part 2
Richard Dawkins

Why Postmodernism Is Not Progressive
Barbara Epstein


India's Population Time Bomb
Paul Kurtz


Killing Intellectuals in Algeria
Elie Chalala

Let's Consider All the Unborn
George Englebretsen

Hitler Was Not An Atheist
John Patrick Michael Murphy

Religion and Human Rights
John M. Suarez

Are Scientists Still Keeping the Faith?
George F. Bishop

The Wall Street Journal Gets Religion
Joe Levee





Church-State Update
"Bible Week" in Arizona ... and Worse
Tom Flynn

Great Minds
Reason, Not Theology
Baron d'Holbach

Media Scan
Readers Beware of Digest Report
John Hill

Applied Ethics
Reproductive Medicine and Ethics
Richard Taylor

Humanism at Large
Matt Cherry


New Directions for Liberalism
Reviewed by Paul Kurtz

The Very Sensible Kaminer
Reviewed by Wendy McElroy

Awe Understood
Reviewed by Chris Mooney

Religious Naturalism
Reviewed by Barbara Forrest

Careless Analysis
Reviewed by Chris Mooney

Free Inquiry Volume 19 Issue 1 cover

Winter, 1998/1999

Volume 19, Number 1


Introduction: Rescuing Family Values
Matt Cherry

Why There Is No 'Crisis of Families'
Vern L. Bullough

Ten Reasons Why the Religious Right Is Not Pro-Family
Rob Boston

A Vision of Families for the Twenty-First Century
Matt Cherry and Molleen Matsumura


Introduction: Voices of Freedom
Matt Cherry

Humanists Speak Out: Protect Taslima Nasrin!

From Salman Rushdie to Taslima Nasrin: A Letter

One Brave Woman vs. Religious Fundamentalism
An Interview with Taslima Nasrin

Science and Sensibility, Part 1
Richard Dawkins

God and the Philosophers, Part 3
Paul Edwards

Trying to Prove that the Bible Is Pro-Woman
Lena Ksarjian


The McCarthyites of Virtue
Paul Kurtz


Letting Children Die for the Faith
Rita Swan

Abortion Access Under the Gun
Stacey Blyth

The Jesus Seminar: Historians or Believers?
Robert M. Price

Racism and the Risks of Ethnic Humor
Steven Doloff

Christian Literalists and Homosexuality
Vern L. Bullough

The Failure of Faith in Russia
V. L. Ginsburg





Church-State Update
Tracking Challenges to the First Amendment
Tom Flynn

Great Minds
Facts and Myths About Women
Simone de Beauvoir

Science And Religion
Has Science Found God?
Victor J. Stenger

Humanism at Large
Matt Cherry


The Book that Launched a Fatwa
Reviewed by James Herrick

Remembrances of Apocalypses Past
Reviewed by James C. Sullivan

George Eliot: A Great Novelist and a Great Humanist
Reviewed by James Herrick

Salvation through Diversity
Reviewed by Barbara Forrest

From Monotheism to Democracy
Reviewed by Barbara Forrest

Aesthetic Naturalism
Reviewed by John M. Novak

Words of Warning
Reviewed by John A. Xanthopoulos