Secular Humanist FREE INQUIRY Magazine to Offer Digital-Only Subscriptions

FREE INQUIRY, the bimonthly flagship magazine of the Council for Secular Humanism, is for the first time offering digital-only subscriptions, starting December 16. Launched in 1980, FREE INQUIRY is the leading journal of secular humanist thought, featuring thoughtful and provocative commentary from such leading political and social commentators as Richard Dawkins, Arthur Caplan, Wendy Kaminer, and Nat Hentoff.

Since 2013, print subscribers have been able to read the full contents of each new issue online. It will soon be possible to enter a digital-only subscription and enjoy web-based access to FREE INQUIRY’s content without receiving physical magazines by mail.

“FREE INQUIRY is a truly vital publication, challenging cherished beliefs, fostering spirited debate, and championing free expression,” said editor Tom Flynn. “Unshackling its contents from a physical magazine will allow its impact and influence to be felt wherever there is Internet access.”

“We expect that the digital-only alternative will be most attractive to three groups within our intelligent and discerning readership,” said Flynn: “readers outside the United States who find it too costly or cumbersome to have magazines mailed from the U.S.; current subscribers who would like to give a gift subscription to a young person who consumes mostly digital content (and considers print magazines to be a nostalgic curiosity), or perhaps a friend overseas; or anyone who prefers to cut back on the volume of mail he or she receives.”

Digital-only subscriptions will be more economical than print, reflecting savings in printing and postage. For example, a one-year print-and-digital subscription is normally $35.00; the one-year digital-only rate is $18.95.

Here’s how it works. Digital subscriptions may be entered online, by phone, or by mail. Ten to fifteen days after a subscription is entered, the digital subscriber will receive an email message including the account number associated with the new digital subscription. The digital subscriber can then register at FREE INQUIRY’s website using the account number. The digital subscriber will be prompted to create a username and password, with which he or she may henceforth access all articles from the current issue (as well as selected archive articles to 1996) on any digital device. Throughout the subscription term, the digital subscriber will receive a reminder email each time a new issue of FREE INQUIRY is published and when it is time to renew.

Digital subscriptions are available in terms of 1, 2, or 3 years:




1 year



2 years



3 years



FREE INQUIRY is published bimonthly by the Center for Inquiry, Inc., in association with the Council for Secular Humanism.

To enter a digital subscription online: To subscribe by phone: 1-800-458-1366, M-F 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. Eastern time.

To subscribe by mail: Mail your name, full address, and email address with your check payable to FREE INQUIRY or your credit card payment information, to:
FREE INQUIRY, P. O. Box 664, Amherst NY 14226-0664. (Checks must be denominated in U. S. or Canadian funds and drawn on a U. S. or Canadian bank.)

FREE INQUIRY’s website is

Digital subscriptions are available as new subscriptions only. Sorry, it is not possible to convert a current print subscription to digital only.

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