Hobby Lobby’s Biblical Empire: How Steve Green Means to Christianize America

Plus: Debate on Israel, and the last essay of murdered writer Avijit Roy

For Immediate Release: March 5, 2015
Contact: Paul Fidalgo, Communications Director
press@centerforinquiry.net - 207-358-9785


For Hobby Lobby President Steve Green, a major victory in the Supreme Court wasn’t enough. As we learn in the latest issue of Free Inquiry, Green doesn’t just seek to exert religious control over his own employees but believes he has been commanded by God to fully align the United States under the authority of the Christian Bible and “remake the nation in God’s image.”

Being granted a sweeping exemption to the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate was a mere iceberg tip when it comes to Steve Green and Hobby Lobby. Journalist and author Thomas Larson traces the story of Hobby Lobby and the Green family back to a time when they were convinced that God had intervened and turned their struggling store from a teetering business into a multi-billion-dollar success. Since that time, Green has made it his mission to use that fortune to infuse America’s culture and public schools with what he deems to be “biblical truth.”

With Green personally funding a Bible-centered museum in the National Mall, as well as a Bible-based public school curriculum, Larson writes that Green’s two-pronged assault on secularism emanates from “a command-and-control center in Washington, D.C.,” a kind of “Vatican writ small,” utilizing a massive fortune and a high degree of technological savvy, all in the service of his “Christianizing mission.”

Also in this issue: Free Inquiry gives Pandora’s box a vigorous shake before opening its lid for a heated debate on the “Middle East Deadlock,” with authors on all sides weighing in on Israel and its conflict with Palestine and the Arab world, including whether secular humanists ought to support Israel’s actions and whether Israel ought to exist at all. Free Inquiry Editor Tom Flynn is joined by Edward Tabbash, Sheldon F. Gottlieb, Barry F. Seidman, and Guillermo Kuhl in round one of what will be an ongoing and no doubt tumultuous debate.

Finally, the April/May issue of Free Inquiry features what has tragically turned out to be its final essay from Bangladesh-American freethought writer Avijit Roy, whose brutal murder by Islamic extremists on February 27 shocked the world. His article, “The Virus of Faith,” details some of the very threats against his life from Islamists who could not abide his advocacy for science, reason, and secularism.

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