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by Andrea Szalanski

The following article is from the Secular Humanist Bulletin, Volume 15, Number 1.

After 12 years with the Council for Secular Humanism and Free Inquiry, Timothy J. Madigan has decided to devote his energies to academic publishing as the Acquisitions Editor of the University of Rochester Press. Madigan will continue to contribute his talents to strengthening humanism as Chair of Free Inquiry's Editorial Board. He will also remain as the Executive Director of both the International Academy of Humanism and the Society of Humanist Philosophers.

The new Free Inquiry Editor is Lewis ("Luke") Vaughn. He has been Executive Editor of Free Inquiry for nearly two years and oversaw its successful redesign in 1998. His distinguished career in magazine publishing includes a decade as Managing Editor of Prevention, the largest circulation health magazine in the U.S. He is also author of several popular books on philosophy and critical thinking, including being co-author of .

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