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Appeared in Secular Humanist Bulletin, vol 1 issue 1

Technology for Fun and Profit

by Jo Ann Mooney

The following article is from the Secular Humanist Bulletin, Volume 15, Number 1.

The Capital District Humanist Society (CDHS) in Albany, New York, a member of the Alliance of Secular Humanist Societies, is not only using computer technology, but also promoting it. The first step was to get all the board members "connected," via e-mail. "That has made board matters so much easier to conduct," says Society member Myrna Becker. "We're spread out in three neighboring cities and many suburban areas. It used to take us forever to get anything done because we had to use the mails or make phone calls or wait until we could hold meetings. Now we just send a short e-mail to everyone, and we can take care of pressing business very quickly, even in between our monthly Executive Council meetings."

CDHS's latest technology move is to offer two-hour mini-courses in how the computer works along with Windows 95 for beginners and word processing and desktop publishing for those who are a little more advanced. Even nonmembers are welcome to attend. A good proportion of the students are older members of the group who are eager to "get with it" by learning how to use computers. So far CDHS has offered three training sessions and more are planned. The instructor time is donated by Myrna, who is using her experience as a manager of a state government information systems unit. A nominal fee is charged, which benefits the group.

The overall objective of this project is for humanists to overcome their geographic separation, work together more easily on common projects, improve communications, and above all, build a strong humanist "community."

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