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CSH Welcomes New Staffers

The following article is from the Secular Humanist Bulletin, Volume 17, Number 3.

Philadelphia-based journalist, media representative, and attorney Katherine Bourdonnay is joining the staff of the CSH as its new Communications Director. About the appointment, CSH Executive Director Ed Buckner commented, “We are indeed fortunate to be able to attract someone with the experience, skills, wisdom, and commitment that Ms. Bourdonnay brings to the communications position. With the leadership she will bring, along with the extraordinarily talented staff already in place at the Council, we are expecting great things in the near future.”

Holding a B.A., an M.A, and a J.D., Bourdonnay has had extensive professional experience in journalism, media relations, public policy, law, and national political campaigning. As media representative and public policy liaison with the Alzheimer’s Association, she designed numerous national media campaigns; represented the Association before stakeholder groups, health-care coalitions, and advisory boards, and was a speaker at the National Public Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. She also served in the Association’s public policy program, gaining a good working knowledge of the legislative process on both state and federal levels. As media representative for Censure & Move On, Bourdonnay arranged for fast-breaking coverage of local anti-impeachment political efforts in Seattle, Washington, and appeared before the media, including “The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.” Before joining the Council, Ms. Bourdonnay worked as a staff writer at a weekly newspaper in Philadelphia.

*     *     *     *     *

Citing an overwhelming demand for nationwide grassroots organizing, the Council for Secular Humanism has hired a full-time Field Director, who will travel the United States stimulating and supporting local humanist activities on- and off-campus. Rationalist activist, historian of philosophy, and professional magician DJ Grothe joined the staff in early August 2001. Ed Buckner noted, “The talent, intelligence, and enthusiastic commitment that Mr. Grothe demonstrates will serve the Council for Secular Humanism very well. With his leadership and that of the gifted, dedicated staff already in place at the Council, we know our future is bright.”

Before pursuing graduate studies in philosophy and history at Washington University at St. Louis, Grothe worked as a corporate magical entertainer and public speaker. Having been active in the St. Louis secular community for years, Grothe has had leadership and volunteer experience with the Rationalist Society of St. Louis and the Washington University League of Freethinkers, as well as with other local progressive organizations. Commented Grothe, “I feel incredibly excited to be joining CSH’s efforts to promote widely the high ideals of secular humanism. The Council for Secular Humanism and its college movement, the Campus Freethought Alliance, are the largest and most successful secular humanist activist organizations in the United States. Offering the clearest and loudest voice against the religious-political extremism of the far-right while promoting a clear alternative to the supernatural life-stance, CSH has a position which makes it and CFA seem poised for explosive growth.”

[*] Secular Humanism Online Library

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