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Freethought Poetry


Shunning Salvation
by William Britton

The Godhead myth persists unchecked
by thoughtful contemplation,
and like a virus lingers on
in every generation.
Radios in southern towns
eruct their allocation 
of Bible lore and cures for souls
through cash remuneration.
Flocks of faithful line the square
in rabid admiration
to hear the lure of Papal love
and Papal accusation
In Abram's streets and alleyways
his sons preach conflagration,
while mothers of these selfsame sons
shout cheers in adoration.
Mosque, synagogue, and church demand
unwavering affirmation
of tales and lessons clerics mold
to suit a congregation.
Those with ills of mind and flesh
are rendered adulation
as samples of God's mysteries
and willful approbation.
Suffer the little children, He says,
and suffer the humiliation
of original sin's ancient decrees
and eternal castigation.
Believers shun those who sense
the twisted conjuration
of gods who martyr innocents
while granting dispensation.

William Britton is a freelance editor from Bayville, New York.



Christian Love
By Temy Beal

On a cold and dark and lonely street
A tired old man lies down to sleep.
Most people passing do not care,
Just as if he wasn't there.
On his feet are holy shoes
He can pay no union dues.
His clothes are just some torn old rags;
All else he owns is in the bag
Used to prop his tired old head
As he sleeps upon his cardboard bed.
He dreams of streets paved with gold
And shudders slightly from the cold.
A crushing pain in his heart
Awakes old Henry with a start;
His life and pain ebb away
Won't see another day.
As a rat crawls into his sack
His vision dims and fades to black.
With a heavy sigh he expires
Surrounded by the mighty spires
Of churches where, again today,
Armani and Gucci come to pray
And pat themselves upon their backs
Adorned with duds from down at Saks.
They sing praises to their God above
And exercise their Christian love
They fill the plate with tithes and alms
Which grease too many greedy palms.
Old Henry's bones are hauled away
While rich folk come to church to pray
For good weather on their vacation.
And thank the Lord for no church

Temy Beal is the editor of The Alabama Freethinker, the official newsletter of the Alabama Freethought Association.


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