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Freethought Poetry


The Millennium
by Dorothy Thompson

The Millennium is coming
You'd better watch your backs!
The Jesus freaks are out there
Just screwin' with the facts.
They say the lord will come again
For this millennium.
This silly myth encompasses
The whole of Christendom.
Once Jesus said that he'd return
Almost immediately.
"And you won't even die before
You lay your eyes on me."
Well, we know how that prophesy
Turned out, well, not at all.
Two thousand years have passed away.
And still he doesn't call!
A lot of times in history
Folks said that he would come.
They were prepared and looking up,
They must have felt so dumb.
Will they prepare and sell their goods
And go up on the hill
To watch for Jesus in the clouds
While prophesies fulfill?
I'll bet they will, they did before.
For Christ's return they yearn - 
They'll float on up to be with him.
The rest of us will burn.


Doxology to a Demented Deity
by Dorothy Thompson

Praise god from whom all blessings flow
Praise him you chumps down here below.
Praise father, son, and holy ghost.
Whichever one you're scared of most.

Praise god for famine and for feast.
Praise him for favors small at least.
Praise him that you're American
And not a starving African.

Praise god for trials that he sends.
Praise him for death of beloved friends.
Praise him for illness, pain, and grief.
Praise him that he withholds relief.

Praise god for flood, and drought, and freeze.
Praise him for all our miseries.
Praise him for selfish tyranny.
Praise him sadistic deity!

Praise god for anger that he sheds.
Praise him you suckers in your beds.
Praise him that you're religion's tool.
Praise that he stole the golden rule.

Praise god for it's the thing to do.
Praise him for cancer and the flu.
Praise him for his ten middling rules.
Praise him all faith dependent fools.


Crock of Ages
by Dorothy Thompson

Crock of Ages, not for me
I'm too smart to swallow thee
You're just bunk, you can't atone
Christian nuts, leave me alone.
Crock of Ages, what a lie.
We live once, and then we die!


Amazing Faith
by Dorothy Thompson

Amazing faith, repulsive sound,
Devoid of harmony.
Once long deceived my brain I found
Now I'm untied and free.
I spent a lot of years in fear.
Guilt was my middle name.
But now I've dumped my church career
I'm one old happy dame!


Dorothy Thompson is a freethought poet from Bandon, Oregon. She may be contacted at P.O. Box 562, Bandon, Oregon, 97411.


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