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December 2016/January 2017

Volume 37 Number 1

Free Internet Porn and America: A Report on a Natural Experiment
Marty Klein

The Irresponsibility of Intellectuals
Lorenzo Lazzerini Ospri

Why Secular Humanists Should Abandon the Myth Theory of Jesus
Bill Cooke


Obama’s One Big Disappointment: Church-State Separation*
Robyn E. Blumner


The Nones Become Many More
Tom Flynn

Yes—Oh, Dear, Yes—Don’t Ban the Burkini
Russell Blackford

The Foxification of American Democracy, Part 2
Shadia B. Drury

Appropriate Appropriation
Ophelia Benson

The Christian Moral Code, Part 5: Love
Mark Rubinstein

Saving Liberalism
David Koepsell

St. [Mother] Teresa and the Miracles Game*
Joe Nickell


This Cartoon Cost a Jordanian Blogger His Life*
Tom Flynn


Earl Lee (1954–2015)
Kathleen De Grave


35 Years Ago in Free Inquiry

25 Years Ago in Free Inquiry



Doerr's Way
The Pearl-Harboring of American Public Education
Edd Doerr

Great Minds
Determinism in the Courtroom: The Other Legacy of Clarence Darrow
Dale DeBakcsy

Child Training
Clarence Darrow

Humanist Living
Frequently Asked Questions
Dan Davis

The Faith I Left Behind
After I’m Gone, Who Will Carry On?
Ron Herman

Faith and Reason
The Right to Believe
Frederik Kaufman


The Atheist Muslim: A Journey from Religion to Reason*
by Ali A. Rizvi
Reviewed by Taner Edis

Under Tiberius
by Nick Tosches
Reviewed by Stephen R. Welch

The Cartoon History of Humanism, Volume One: Antiquity to Enlightenment
by Dale DeBakcsy
Reviewed by Brooke Horvath

The End: What Science and Religion Tell Us about the Apocalypse
by Phil Torres
Reviewed by David Morrison

A World to Live In: An Ecologist’s Vision for a Plundered Planet
by George Woodwell
Reviewed by Brooke Horvath


It Crawled from the Swamp
by Andy Norman