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June/July 2016

Volume 36 Number 4


Introduction: Atheism is Scary Because It Reminds People of Death
Simon Davis

Inevitable Death
PZ Myers

The Future of Death
Caitlin Doughty

A Secular Stoic Perspective on Death
Massimo Pigiliucci

Would You Pray With a Dying Believer?
Simon Davis

Why This Atheist Would
Matthew Facciani

Why This Atheist Would Not
Heina Dadabhoy

Three Minutes before Midnight: An Interview with Lawrence Krauss about the Future of Humanity
Phil Torres

How the Nonreligious Are Reshaping American Burial
Simon Davis

Protecting Your Service Wishes When Your Loved Ones Are Religious
Simon Davis


God the Concept
Carol Delaney

Islam and the Eclipse of Secularism
Taner Edis

Sadly, Malthus Was Right–Now What?
Madeline Weld


Maybe It's the Cabin Pressure
Tom Flynn


Atheist Law Student Killed in Bangladesh


Revulsion and Habituation
Ophelia Benson

Suppress and Punish: The Dangerous Impulse to Shut Down Speech
Russell Blackford

Will the Neoconservatives Lose Their Grip on the GOP?
Shadia B. Drury

The Christian Moral Code, Part 2: Forgiveness
Mark Rubinstein


35 Years Ago in Free Inquiry

25 Years Ago in Free Inquiry



Tibor R. Machan


Doerr's Way
And Then There Were None(s)
Edd Doerr

God on Trial
ISIS, Moses, and Sex Slavery
Steve Sklar

Faith and Reason
Angel Unaware: An Atheist's Perspective on Child Suffering
Mark Cagnetta

The Faith I Left Behind
Atheist in a Foxhole (or Rather, an Unarmored Toyota)
Doug Traversa

Humanism at Large
The Rise of the Granfalloons: Overcoming the Stigma of Corporate Intangibility
Dan Davis


Strange Gods: A Secular History of Conversion
by Susan Jacoby
Reviewed by Tom Flynn

Elbow Room: The Varieties of Free Will Worth Wanting
by Daniel C. Dennett
Reviewed by Brooke Horvath

After Roe: The Lost History of the Abortion Debate
by Mary Ziegler
Reviewed by Tom Flynn

Books in Brief


In Good We Trust
by JO Frohbieter-Mueller