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April/May 2015

Volume 35 Number 3

Hobby Lobby, Steve Green, and the New Bible Empire
Thomas Larson

The Real Old-Time Religion: Magic, Superstition, and the Challenge to Fundamentalism
Leah Mickens

One Easter Five Ways
James H. Dee

Middle East Deadlock: Where Do You Stand?

Tom Flynn

Reflections on Editorial Attitudes
Sheldon F. Gottlieb

Humanism Under Fire: When Atheists Have to Face Applied Humanism
Barry F. Seidman

Criticizing Zionist Crimes Is Not Anti-Semitic
Guillermo Kuhl

Perhaps the World’s Shortest Argument Against Israel
Tom Flynn

Israel Has a Right to Exist
Edward Tabash


The Crucial Connection between Skepticism and Secular Humanism
Ronald A. Lindsay


The CFI Merger in Context
Tom Flynn

An Odor of Sanctimony: Responses to the Charlie Hebdo Murders
Russell Blackford

With Friends Like These
Ophelia Benson

Must Liberalism Be Suicidal?
Shadia B. Drury

What Happened When Jesus Died?
Mark Rubinstein



Doerr's Way
Abortion Rights: Top Priority Issue
Edd Doerr

Great Minds
A Century of Main Street: The Freethinking Legacy of Sinclair Lewis
Dale DeBakcsy

Freethought History
Junius Revealed!
Ken Cust

The Faith I Left Behind
Why I Am Not a Primitive Baptist
Murielle Lange

Faith and Reason
American Reformations
Steven Doloff

Global Humanism
The Virus of Faith
Avijit Roy


The Tyranny of Silence: How One Cartoon Ignited a Global Debate on the Future of Free Speech
by Flemming Rose
Reviewed by Tom Flynn

After the New Atheist Debate
by Phil Ryan
Reviewed by Wayne L. Trotta


Brooke Horvath