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June/July 2015

Volume 35 Number 4

Population, Immigration, and the Global Future: Introduction
Tom Flynn

Four Out of Five Scientists Agree: Population Matters
Robert J. Walker

Seven Billion Wolves: Why the Human Head Count Matters
Jeffrey K. McKee

Two Realities
Richard Heinberg

Humanity vs. Nature—Winner Take All!
Christopher Clugston

Sharp Danger but Grounds for Hope
Joe Bish

U.S. Immigration and the Limits of Supporting Earth Resources
Walter Youngquist

Toward Negative Population Growth: Cutting Legal Immigration by Four-fifths
David Simcox and Tracy Canada

Immigration Limits: Less and Less Politically Incorrect
Andrea Szalanski


Overpopulation, Immigration, and the Human Future
Tom Flynn


Avijit Roy and His Legacy
Jahed Ahmed

Join Us in a Demand for Justice!
Rafida Bonya Ahmed

Bigger, Better, Shinier Human Rights
Ophelia Benson

Angry Atheists: A Contemporary Myth
Russell Blackford

Beheadings for Postmodernity
Shadia B. Drury

C. S. Lewis and Proof by Metaphor
Mark Rubinstein

Slip Slidin’ Away
James A. Haught

August 11: A Day to Remember Robert Green Ingersoll
Jeff Ingersoll

‘Better Ad’ Contest Winners Announced


35 Years Ago in Free Inquiry

25 Years Ago in Free Inquiry



Doerr's Way
Is the Wall Crumbling?
Edd Doerr

Humanist Living
Is Society Accepting That Free Will Is an Illusion?
Jonathan MS Pearce

The Faith I Left Behind
Why I Retired from Religion
John Compere


Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution
by Mona Eltahawy
Reviewed by Ophelia Benson

Inventing a Christian America: The Myth of the Religious Founding
by Steven K. Green
Reviewed by Rob Boston

How God Works: A Logical Inquiry on Faith
by Marshall Brain
Reviewed by Tom Flynn